Turksat 6A Contacted Ground From Distance Of 70 Thousand Kilometers

CTECH, which provides solutions for satellite communications, became the first Turkish company to communicate at a distance of 70 thousand kilometers. This happened thanks to the subsystem that the company installed on the first Turkish satellite Turksat 6A produced at domestic enterprises.

Türksat 6A satellite was created in the partnership of Tübi̇tak Space, TAI, ASELSAN and CTECH. On Tuesday, the satellite reached a height of 70 thousand kilometers.

Turksat 6A got in touch with a ground station at an altitude of 70 thousand kilometers about 14.15 hours. This happened thanks to the CTECH subsystem. Thus, CTECH became the first domestic company in the country’s history to provide communication at a distance of 70 thousand kilometers.

The first domestic geosynchronous communication satellite of Turkey, which will serve the territory with a population of 5 billion people, will cover in, in addition to Turkey, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and most of the Asian continent. The satellite will reach his orbit in the region of 42 degrees of eastern longitude and height of 35 thousand kilometers, where he will serve for 15 years.

CTECH Director General Gyuneod Fyrat said that CTECH has developed a telemetry, telecommunications subsystem, and measurement of the distance that provides telemetry – the most important data obtained on a satellite control station, receiving telecommunication signals by a satellite computer, which allows us to carry out Remote control, and transmission of the measurement signal, which allows you to determine orbit with high accuracy. He emphasized that thanks to this subsystem, the satellite Türksat 6A will be able to keep in touch with the ground station around the clock and without breaks.

The telemetry subsystem and measurement of the distance is one of the most important subsystems of satellites.

TELEMETRIA is transmitted through this subsystem – information about the state of the satellite, telecanda, which allowing me to control the satellite, and the function of measuring the distance, which allows to determine the orbit of the satellite with high accuracy. In other words, through the telemetry subsystem, telecondum and measurement of the distance, the entire stream of data is realized, which allows you to observe the satellite and control it using ground stations.

The telemetry, television management and measurement subsystem and its equipment were developed in such a way as to provide uninterrupted communication with ground stations 24 hours a day 7 days a week for at least 15 years for geostationary satellites. Therefore, it will be able to work in difficult conditions, such as radiation, which it will be subjected to orbit during the specified period.