Two journalists will be forced to go to court. In lawsuit of lawyer Aslan Ismailov

The famous lawyer Aslan Ismailov filed a complaint against the journalists of Talekh Shahsurla and Aigun Muradhanly, accusing them of offending and slandered him, humiliated his honor and dignity, and also defame a business reputation.

According to Haqqı, the plaintiff’s complaint against Taleh Shakhsuvarla was in a separate manner at the meeting, chaired by the judge of Abbas Rzayev in the Binagadinsky District Court. It states that on September 17, 2019, Shakhsuvarla insulted and slandered Aslan Ismailov, publishing an article on the heading of the Armenian spy on the heading of the Facebook on the website and on the heading of the Armenian spy. SSB will take measures.

Shakhsurla himself did not take part in any of the court hearings in this case. In connection with which Khanan Mammadov, the plaintiff’s lawyer, asked the judge to force the journalist to the court building. The petition of the lawyer was satisfied, and the judge assigned his execution to the Binagadin and Bardinsky district police department.

“After the decision of the Binagadinsky District Court of October 12, 2022, two hearings were already held, – said Haqqqı lawyer Khanan Mamedov. – Nevertheless, law enforcement agencies did not ensure the appearance of Shahsurla on order.”

The plaintiff’s lawyer added that 35 court hearings have already been held in this criminal case, an examination was appointed three times. As a result, all the accusations that Shakurla insulted and slandered Aslan Ismailov were confirmed by experts.

The next court hearing in the lawsuit of Ismailov is scheduled for December 5th.

As for the plaintiff’s accusations against Aigun Muradhanly, who insulted and humiliated the lawyer, they are based on the video of the “Chirags (Ismail) Allahverdi (Aslan)” and “Whose Imam Aslan Ismailov?”, Which, along with the accusations of a lawyer in espionage In favor of Russia and Armenia, the journalist posted on her YouTube channel “Prime TV Azerbaijan”.

This case is considered in the Sabunchinsky District Court, the first meeting is scheduled for November 29.

It should also be paid attention to the statements of Aslan Ismailov that slander addressed to him is ordered, and that the names of true customers are still unknown to him.