UK: 500-kilogram bomb is neutralized by Second World War

The British military safely threw into the sea to further disposal the unexploded bomb of the Second World War, discovered in the port city of Plimut in the south of the country.

The police reported that the 500-kilogram bomb was found in the garden of one of the houses in Plymut, which became the target of German bombers in July 1940.

The security cordon around the house was removed, and evacuated residents were allowed to return to their homes.

According to local media, earlier 10 thousand inhabitants of some areas of Keicham and Devonport were evacuated as part of the operation.

A cordon 300 meters long was created around the bomb reset area. An unexploded bomb was carried through the streets of the city at a distance of 2.3 kilometers. The movement of trains and buses was stopped.

It is reported that this is one of the largest operations to neutralize the unexploded German bomb from the Second World War.