Ukraine announced missile strikes in Kyiv

The Russian Armed Forces on Monday, December 11, released ballistic missiles in Kyiv, reports the command of the Ukrainian Air Force.

“tonight Russia attacked the territory of Ukraine using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the Shahed model, and in the morning – using ballistic missiles,” follows from the message.

In total, 18 Russian UAVs were discovered, and all UAVs were destroyed, most of them in the Nikolaev region, noted in the command.

It is reported that in the region of 04.00 local time the air defense destroyed eight Russian missiles near Kyiv, which flew in the direction of the capital along the ballistic trajectory.

As the head of the Kyiv city military administration, Sergei Popko, told the Telegram channel, fragments of the downed missiles fell in the Darnitsky district of Kyiv, as a result of which four residents were injured, they were damaged by houses.