Ukraine Blocked cargo traffic “China-Europe”. decision hits interests of Azerbaijan

Ukraine blocked four railway border guard with Poland for transit supplies in the direction of “China-Europe”. Restrictions on the transport of goods and empty cars Kiev introduced from November 30, 2021, reports Rail Insider.

The decision of the Ukrainian authorities hurts the interests of transit countries, including Azerbaijan. Since cargo traffic from Poland was carried out in Azerbaijan on this corridor. The prohibition will be valid until the cancellation and applies to all recipients.

Analyst of the Center for Oriental Studies, Dr. Yakub Jacobovsky believes that this decision can pursue two goals, notes the Edition InfoTrans.

First, the struggle for “afterwards”. The entry of Ukrainian truckers to Poland is carried out on the basis of bilateral permits. Annual pool granted to Ukraine is 160,000 “Dosters”. Kiev demands to increase the number of permits and even threatened to submit to Poland to arbitration associated with the restriction of trade between the European Union and their country, explained Yakuba Jacobovsky. Secondly, Ukraine has economic motives. In a situation where the main transitions through the Belarusian corridor in the direction of “China-Europe” are practically crowded, the global logistics industry is looking for the third after Malashevichi and Kaliningrad “Gate” to the European Union, explained Yakub Jacobovsky.

– Ukrainian corridor began to grow very intensively in the second half of 2021. Basically in two directions: on the Polish-Ukrainian railway border crossing in Cruberes and in the Hungarian-Ukrainian border crossing in Zakh. The blockade imposed on Polish transitions certainly makes it difficult to build Poland’s position on a new Ukrainian corridor in trade with China and automatically favors the Hungarian transition, “said Dr. Jacobovsky.