Ukraine can break diplomatic municipality with Iran

Ukraine can break diplomatic relations at any time. The key factor here will be Tehran’s behavior, said Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleb in an interview with BBC.

“I do not know who beat the military infrastructure in Iran. We did not historically do anything to Iran. They began to supply Russian -Kamikadze’s fighting drones. They crossed the border,” Kuleba said, commenting on the explosions at Iranian factories at the end January.

“This is our signal to Iran – no matter how profitable it may seem to you to cooperate with Russia against Ukraine, we assure you that the negative consequences of this cooperation will significantly exceed any benefit. Further, Iran’s decision is already,” the minister said.

Kuleba indicated that he submitted to President Vladimir Zelensky a proposal to break the diplomatic relations with Iran. This question remains open. “The decision can be made at any time depending on the further behavior of Iran,” he added.