Ukraine destroyed another division of Kadyrov

The leadership of Ukraine became aware of the special operation of fighters from Chechnya for the murder of President Vladimir Zelensky. The entire elite group was destroyed. Such a statement was made by the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov on the air of the Rada TV channel, writes “New Time”.

According to Danilov, representatives of the FSB, who do not want to participate in the war, transferred information to the Ukrainian authorities, thanks to which the elite group, sent to Ukraine, was destroyed to eliminate the president of the country.

“They had a distribution into two groups, we were tracked. One group was covered in Gostomel, another now under the sight. We will not give anyone any of our president, nor our country. This is our land, get away from here.”, – stated the secretary of the National Security Council.