Ukraine experienced Turkish drones over Black Sea

Ukraine was used by Bayraktar drums over the Black Sea for teaching training tasks, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Ministry of Defense Agency “ArmyInform”.

“Bayraktar TB2 unmanned shock aircraft carried out flights from the mainland of Ukraine to the island of Tenndrovskaya Spit, which is located in the Black Sea. Drones worked out various training tasks on maneuvering,” writes agency.

In the report, it is noted that a multifunctional naval landfill is located on the island of Tenndrovskaya Spit, on which various units of naval forces are trained and increases – workouts on landing of the marine landing on the unequare coast are carried out, artillery shooting on coastal targets groups.

Agency recalled that this year the Navy of Ukraine will receive a complex of unmanned Bayraktar TB2 uniforms with improved characteristics, for example, with an increased range of flights that will act in the interests of naval forces.