Ukraine: intelligence division of Russian troops was broken: “Most – with Chechen surnames”

Ukrainian military from the 128th Separate Mining and Storm Transcarpathian Brigade reported on the defeat of the intelligence division of the Russian troops, the report on the Brigade page in Facebook.

In the message of the brigade, it is noted that as a result of the battle, part of the Russian troops were destroyed, and the part retreated: “In the collision, Ukrainian fighters found personal belongings and remnants of the equipment of the Russian army, among which Chevrons are Russia, the stickers of Russia’s armed forces, bank cards Sberbank , Certificates of a soldier, a sticker with the name of Kurbanov AB, as well as records with the names of the fighters by the numbers issued by him. Some of the things are damaged by fire. “

“Most of the fighters in the statements have Chechen surnames: Kurbanov, Malachurbanov, Sharabudanov, Toganov, Alseurpanov, Bekuzarov, Magomedov. Nine Fighters for the battle were given AKS (Kalashnikov machine gun with a complex example created specifically for airborne troops), one more – AKM (automatic Kalashnikov modernized). However, this weapon did not help the enemy, “the report says.