Ukraine: tanks play special role in maintaining defense line

Tank troops deployed on the front line in Avdeevka, where the most “hot” clashes in Ukraine have recently occurred, play an important role in maintaining the defense line.

In various regions of Ukraine, where the war with Russia continues, conflicts are tied in hot spots, since recently both sides have not achieved significant military progress.

Clashes in the region intensified, amid attempts by Russia to surround the city of Avdeevka, located near Donetsk illegally annexed. Currently, the most fierce clashes are taking place in this region.

Intensible military activity is observed in the air and on the ground, where the infrastructure on the front line and in settlements located near it is destroyed.

In some parts of the region, covered with mud under the influence of snow and rains, only heavy caterpillar military vehicles can move.

The team of the Agency “Anadolu” (AA), having received special permission, shot the fighting of Ukrainian tank units on the front line.

Thanks to their adaptability to the conditions of the area on the front line, tanks play a significant role.

While the clashes between infantry units continue on the front and night line, artillery systems, tank groups, planes and helicopters are also actively used in the region.

Tank units to support infantry sometimes have to go on duty several times a day.

Tank crews that can fire in sufficient proximity to Russian positions, try to protect themselves from both the counter-artillery and the possible attacks of airwalls from the air.

– fierce clashes occur in the Avdeevsky direction, possibly even more intense than in Bakhmut

The tank commander, who uses the code name “Kasper”, which every day goes on duty on the front line, said that he served on the Kherson Front before the Donetsk region.

Having stated that they continue to repel the attacks of the Russian army, Kasper said that tanks, artillery and other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine lead the enemy with coordinated fire.

37 -year -old tanker adds: “Tank is a very effective combat vehicle. Everyone is afraid of it. The tank can fire with both closed and open positions.”

36-year-old military under the code name “Sanya”, which takes up a place in the crew of another tank, said that clashes in Avdeevka continue continuously.