Ukraine will first receive Western development tanks

French President Emmanuel Macron announced today, January 4, to the Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Zelensky that Paris would put Kyiv “Life Tanks”.

“The president wanted to strengthen the military aid already provided to Kyiv by agreeing to the supply of the Lice combat tanks AMX-10 RC,” the source in the Champs Elysee (AFP) explained in an interview with the France-Presse (AFP) agency.

According to him, this is the first time when the western development tanks are supplied by Ukrainian armed forces.

AMX -10RC – a French heavy armored car, often classified as a “column tank”. Created by Satory Military Vehicles by order of the French Armed Forces as an armored reconnaissance and diver car (BRDM), also capable of combating the enemy armored vehicles.

Equipping the Armed Forces of Ukraine with effective armored vehicles in the USA and Europe at the current stage pays increased attention. There were intensified talk about the need to provide Kyiv with the so -called defensive tanks.