Ukrainian general: Under such conditions, Moscow can make significant concessions

There is a scenario in which the West will promptly provide Ukraine with serious military assistance. Then the military potential of our army will exceed the capabilities of Russia, and Ukrainian troops will go on a serious offensive. In such conditions, Moscow can make significant concessions. This was stated by the former chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko.

In an interview with OBOZREVATEL, he said that Western intelligence should take into account the option of developments related to the successes of Ukraine. If Kyiv receives the right weapon from the West, Ukrainian troops will be able to go on a serious attack on the position of troops of the Russian Federation. And then the Russians will be forced to agree to significant concessions.

“See, these analysts are again repelled from Russia, its” victories “. This is a pro -Russian assessment. But the third option is when we will be given quite quickly and a lot of help, our military potential will exceed the Russian and we will begin to beat the enemy in the tail and in mane. In this case, they will agree to what under other circumstances they would not agree, ”said Romanenko.

The expert focused on the fact that Ukraine managed to defend its statehood, and this should be reflected on assessments of the situation in the West.