Ukrainian helps children affected by war

Ukrainian Maria Chupinina became a foster mother for sick children and children with disabilities who were left without guardianship due to war.

A woman lives with her son, who also has health problems, in Kharkov.

Due to the armed conflict with the Russian Federation, millions of residents of Ukraine were forced to leave their homeland with their children.

sick children or children with disabilities who were treated in local hospitals before the war, transported to other countries or safer regions of Ukraine.

Some children with shortcomings in physical and mental development, located in hospitals or specialties, had to stay in the attackers of cities. This is especially true for the first days of the war.

When the fighting began, volunteers who dared to stay in the frontline areas began to take care of children in need of treatment and care.

Among other things, volunteers become foster families for children in need of help.

They receive support for the Government of Ukraine and various local or international public maintenance organizations.

Maria Chupinina told the Anadol correspondent about her activity as a foster mother.

According to her, a few years ago she adopted two children in need of care.

Chupinina helped children with disabilities in various regions of Ukraine through the organization created by her before the start of the war.

The agency’s interlocutor noted that some children who were treated at hospitals or boarding schools at the time of the start of the war could not be evacuated.

“At the beginning of the war, children remained in hospitals whose families could not take care of them. Since many employees of medical facilities were evacuated, there were not enough staff to care for these children. That’s why I decided to take care of them,” she explained.

Chupinina became a foster mother for seven children left without parents because of the war. She said that in general, on her shoulders lies the concern for ten children, including her own son.

The woman said that she looked after her pupils at the expense of her own funds for almost a year.

According to her, the state currently provides social assistance to such children. Maria said that the help of children is also provided by volunteers.

She noted that seven of the children in her care of children such severe diseases as hydrocephalus, Down syndrome, development vice, HIV, cardiac and renal failure.

“Only two of them do not have serious health problems,” she said.

Maria Chupinina emphasized that she is prepared to be a foster mother for an even larger number of children in need.