Ukrainian paramedics work in difficult conditions to save life of military

Medical brigades work in difficult conditions in the Donetsk direction of Ukraine, where fierce clashes continue.

On the front lines in Ukraine, “stabilization points” are installed, where first medical care is provided to the wounded Ukrainian military.

ANADOLA filming with special permission covered the daily life and work of medical brigades at a stabilization point on the front line in the Donetsk region.

Medical workers fulfill their duties in very difficult conditions.

In regions where the infrastructure is destroyed due to the war and there is no electricity, work is supported by special batteries and generators.

The premises in stabilization points are heated only by wood, and medical staff uses sleeping bags at night.

Brigades working at a stabilization point work on a day 24 hours a day to provide first aid to the victim military.

The sounds of explosions are clearly audible at the point, although it is located in a closed territory for security reasons due to intense artillery and aviation attacks.

In stabilization points, if necessary, amputation operations are also carried out

27-year-old doctor, nicknamed “Winston”, managing the stabilization point on the front line, told “Anadol” about the work of the item.

Winston said that they provide assistance to wounded military and civilians, as well as people with bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases. “We, together with my team, provide first aid of our army. We also accept civilians,” he said.

He noted that they are sometimes brought to the point of seriously wounded, who, even if necessary, transfigured blood.

“Our team consists of surgeons and anesthesiologists. We send patients to the hospital after their condition is stabilized. There are situations when it is impossible to save the limb and immediate amputation is required,” said Winston.

He told how important it is to deliver the wounded to the stabilization point in order to save his life.

“The main thing – to deliver the wounded to us as soon as possible. Our commander of the medical company is very interested in all this and provides us with all the necessary,” the doctor noted.

According to him, it is difficult to work in such conditions physically and morally, but they try to encourage each other.

One of the anesthesiologists of the stabilization point, 22-year-old Valeria said that she has been working at the front line since the beginning of the war.

Valeria noted that it is extremely important for anesthesiologists to work in hot spots where the war continues.