Ukrainian police care about homeless horses in Kharkov

Ukrainian police in the old Saltovo, one of the most affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict of cities in the Kharkov region of Ukraine, care about abandoned horses.

Many animals became homeless due to conflict in the Kharkov region in eastern Ukraine, which carries heavy traces of the war. Ukrainian police care about orphaned horses on a farm in the city of Old Salt.

There are only 28 horses on the farm, some of them were injured and injured during shelling.

The police on duty in Old Saltov uses all their resources to take care of the horse.

The police often come to the farm to feed horses.

31-year-old policeman Denis, working in the old Saltov, told Anadol that they became aware of horses last year.

The senior sergeant, who did not name his surname for security reasons, noted that the district police officers decided to help homeless animals.

“Volunteers also help us to look after horses. We take care of these horses for about 5 months. In the meantime, we are waiting for the arrival of veterinarians and specialized specialists. We care about horses, but they need medicines and vitamins. Veterinarians have not examined them for a long time. We want them. Create all suitable conditions for horses, ”said Denis.

He said that on the one hand, they act as a police, on the other, we look after the horses.

According to him, the police intend to take care of horses until their owners are found.

Denis said that residents of the region have limited opportunities because of the war, but, despite, trying to allocate funds for their departure from their salary.

Horses horse hazel named Aleksey does not leave animals for a day, despite the fact that the city is only 40 km from the border with Russia.

Alexey said that he worked as a horse on a farm in Old Saltov.

“4 horses were injured in the war, one died. Two of them recovered. One of them still has an open wound. A fragment remained in her body,” he said.

Alexei said that at first he tried to take care of homeless horses with his own means, but in recent months, with the support of the police, the state of animals began to improve.