Ukrainians hit barracks with 200 Russians

In Mariupol there was a hit in the barracks with more than 200 Russian military.

This was announced in Telegram by the mayor of Mariupol Peter Andryushchenko.

“Mariupol. Bavovna. Today at about 10 in the morning we got into the barracks of the invaders, which was marked by members of the Mariupol resistance group,” he said.

Andryushchenko notes that everything was in smoke, a lot of “ambulances” and rescuers at the scene.

“In this barracks, more than 200 occupiers of the Caucasian appearance, Dagestanis or Kadyrovites were based,” he said.

Under the mayor’s adviser, he noted that it is not yet possible to establish the number of losses of the enemy, but that “they are and rather big – without a doubt.”