Ukrainians will receive shells for strikes in Russia?

The Pentagon considers the proposal of Voeing for the supply of small -sized high -precision bombs to Ukraine. They will allow Kyiv to strike far from the rear of Russia, writes Reuters with reference to a document in which Boeing outlined his proposal to the United States in the EU.

We are talking about a small diameter of ground -based (GLSDB). It can be delivered already in the spring of 2023, three sources familiar with discussions confirmed to the publication. The GLSDB flight range is 150 km, which will allow Ukraine to hit military goals that were previously out of reach. It will also help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue the counterattack, the agency notes.

In addition, GLSDB is controlled using GPS, it can be used in any weather conditions, it is able to break through armored machines. GLSDB consists of a small diameter bomb GBU-39 (SDB) and M26 missile engine, both components are sufficiently stored in US warehouses. Several GLSDB units have already been made.

Boeing, the Swedish company Saab AB, together with Boeing, began its development in 2019. The advantage of GLSDB is that the M26 missile engine is quite common, and the GBU-39 bomb costs about $ 40,000, which makes production inexpensive.

Boeing in his proposal Pentagon demanded not to disclose the cost of the contract. This will free the company from a thorough verification. The contract also requires that at least six suppliers accelerate the supply of spare parts for quick production of weapons.