UMUT YILDIZ: Cosmic Ecosystem of Turkey should grow and develop

Astrophysicist Umut Yildiz told the correspondent of the Anadolu agency (AA) that after studying in Turkey he went abroad to obtain a master’s degree, and then began to work in NASA.

noting that he wanted to get an education in this area because of his interest in stars and celestial bodies, Yyldyz continued with the following words:

“About 8 children I worked in the team of a telescope, who stayed in space for 4 years. Before the advent of the James Web telescope, it was the largest telescope in the world. Then I moved to the department called” connection with the distant cosmos. “All cosmic devices that go at a distance of 2 million kilometers from the ground, we call the devices of the far cosmos. They work on radio frequencies. The reason for my trip abroad was that in Turkey there was no area in which I would like to work. I wanted Work with radio telescopes, because in childhood I watched the film “The Message”, and there Jody Foster used such a telescope. When she clicked on the button, the telescope rotated. I also wanted to press this button, and then did it on many telescopes around the world. I fulfilled my dream. “

– terminated his unlimited contract in NASA

In the past two years, his visits to Turkey have become more frequent thanks to Plan-S, where he began to work as an assistant general director after terminating an unlimited contract in NASA.

“I realized that a lot can be done here. Turkey has huge prospects in the field of space technology. Most of all, Turkey needs to create and develop a space ecosystem. I would like more scientific centers and space research centers to appear in our country. as well as private space companies. After people in Turkey see the development of the space industry, their children will also begin to focus on these faculties. I came to do everything possible to develop this ecosystem in Turkey. “

noting that space technologies are now an integral part of a person’s life, Yyldyz said that a global Internet is being provided in space.

He recalled that Plan-S, which has been sent 5 satellites into space over the past 2 years, and will send more than 100 satellites

in the coming years.

“I see this potential in Turkey. If this happens in our company, I think that other companies can successfully do this. This ecosystem should grow and develop further”.

noting that Turkey has almost caught up with the world in terms of ensuring the world of the Internet from space, he added: “We wish that existing technologies in this area be sold cheaper and so that everyone has access to these advanced technologies.”

– Everyone wants to fly into space