UN: 18 million people collided with an acute lack of food in Sudan

Due to the armed conflict between the Sudanese army and the militarized formations of the “rapid response forces” 18 million people in Sudan – more than a third of the country’s population – were faced with acute lack of food.

About this, the chairman of the independent international mission to establish facts in Sudan, Mohamed Candan, reported at the 56th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

He recalled that in Sudan a destructive war has been continuing for more than a year, the country is ignored by the fundamental human rights and international law.

The UN is deeply concerned about the tragic consequences of the conflict and the huge suffering that civilians experience, he said.

Osman attracted attention to the fact that medical institutions are becoming the target of attacks in the country. “This made it impossible to assist many wounded civilians. It created interference to deliver medicines to critical regions. There is information that many civilians died from wounds during the conflict due to the lack of or unavailability of medical institutions,” he said.

The UN representative attracted attention to the fact that the conflict caused an unprecedented mass movement of the civilian population. “Since the beginning of the conflict in April 2023, almost 9 million people were forcibly moved. More than 1.8 million people fled to neighboring countries,” Osman informed.

He praised the efforts of countries that continue to support refugees escaping from the conflict in Sudan, despite limited resources.

“In connection with the impending hunger in Sudan, about 18 million people suffer from acute hunger. At least 5 million civilians, including children and pregnant women, are at risk of death from hunger,” he said.

Osman emphasized that only 16 percent of the emergency plan launched under the leadership of the UN in Sudan this year was funded and this is not enough to provide the necessary assistance to the country’s population.