UN: armed conflict in Sudan took lives of over 12 thousand people

As a result of armed clashes between the army of Sudan and the quick response forces (SBR), 12 190 people were killed from April 15.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian issues (UN UN CGV) in Sudan, the armed conflict has been continuing for the eighth month, only from October 28 to November 24 its victims became 1300 people.

Since April, about 6.6 million people have been forced to leave their homes and flee to other countries or safer areas of Sudan.

In the UN VSL, it was noted that 1.3 million inhabitants of Sudan fled in the neighboring South Sudan, Egypt, Chad, South Africa and Ethiopia due to armed conflict.

Armed conflict in Sudan

The armed confrontation between the army of Sudan and the SBR began on April 15. The reason for the clashes was the issue of integration of the SBR into the structure of the army.

The fighting that began in the capital soon covered other units of the country.

The Sudan government called on the international community to declare the SBR “terrorist grouping”.

The bloodshed does not stop contrary to agreements on the ceasefire and international pressure on the conflicting parties.

The battles are in nine provinces in the west and southwest of the country using heavy weapons.

According to the UN, 25 million Sudanists, about half of the population, need humanitarian assistance.

Attempts by the international community to achieve a ceasefire were unsuccessful due to mutual accusations and the inability of the parties to agree on the conditions made.