UN calls on international community to help Rochinya refugees

The United Nations (UN) called for the allocation of $ 852.4 million in 2024 to support the Arakan refugees and the Bangladesh, who accepts them.

The written statement of the UN Supreme Commissioner for Refugees (UVKB) says that “a joint plan for responding to the humanitarian crisis in Arakan for 2024”, prepared by the UN and its partners, began to be carried out under the leadership of the Bangladesh authorities.

The document calls for the international community to double the help of Rochini refugees and the hosts of communities, a reminder that financing in the amount of $ 852.4 million is needed to cover approximately 1.35 million people, including Rochinya refugees who take their persons in Bangladesh and other communities.

The UN notes that the conflict in Myanmar continues to aggravate. It is emphasized that international solidarity with Bangladesh and refugee protection is necessary than ever.

The statement emphasizes that about 1 million Rochini refugees live in Bangladesh, many of which fled from Myanmar 7 years ago.