UN fears civil war in Myanmar

In Myanmar, there is a threat of a full-scale civil war due to the exacerbation of the confrontation between the military, the opposition and ethnic groups. This was stated by the Special Salencher of the UN Secretary General on Myanmar Christine Sunder Burgerer on Saturday, June 19th.

“collisions cover the regions of the country, even its central part and those territory to which the general truce concluded in 2015 was distributed. The risk of a full-scale civil war Reaen,” said Sustor Burgerer.

She stressed that the conflict already acquires an international dimension, since the collisions go in the regions bordering China, India and Thailand. About 10 thousand people moved across the border into neighboring countries, approximately 175 thousand left their homes, but still remain in Myanmar.

Previously, international observers stated that the elections in Myanmar were held in 2020 without falsification. Elections passed freely and without noticeable violations, so their results properly represent the will of the population, confirmed international observers.