UN: solution of Syrian issue cannot be achieved alone

The solution of the Syrian issue cannot be achieved alone. The unity of the opposition, the state and the government, which must find the points of contact. This was stated by a special envoy of the UN Secretary General for Syria Gayr Pedersen, speaking on a discussion panel called “The Way to Stability in Syria”, organized as part of the diplomatic forum held in Antalya.

III Forum, the Nest Congress Center in the Belek tourist area in Antalya with the participation of heads of state and governments, ministers and heads of international organizations from more than 100 countries. Anadolu Agency is a global communication partner of the event.

Speaking on the panel, Pedersen noted that in relation to the situation in Syria, no progress was achieved, and more than half of the Syrians left their homes due to the conflict and cannot return.


According to the special representative, everything speaks of the movement in the wrong direction in the situation with Syria. Humanitarian needs are growing in the country, but international support is reduced, ”he said.

At the same time, the special representative believes that the war in the gas sector also affected Syria.

Pedersen noted that all interested parties should sit down at the negotiating table, and players such as the USA, Turkey, Iran and Russia

should also be present at this table.

In Syria, there can be no talk of a military decision, it is necessary to look for a political decision. In addition, it is impossible to allow the spread of war in Gaza on Syria, Pedersen emphasized.

Meanwhile, the regional humanitarian coordinator of Syria Mukhanad Hadi said that the decision for Syria is a political, not humanitarian.

“All from the very first day focused on solving the problem of humanitarian aid, but this is not the main issue,” he said.

Hadi noted that the Syrians are in an increasingly difficult situation, problems are growing in areas such as education, protection of women and children, economics and healthcare.

Tli will not be found a political solution, the whole region is immersed in instability, he warned.