UN: Sudan is experiencing world’s largest crisis of internal migration

Due to the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan, the world’s largest crisis of internal migration occurs. This was reported by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Questions (VSGV) on the social network x.

“Sudan was a country that generously accepted more than a million refugees. Now the world’s largest internal migration crisis is experiencing,” the publication says.

The message notes that the ongoing war in Sudan “provoked an endless humanitarian catastrophe of legendary scale”.

– armed conflict in Sudan

The armed confrontation between the army of Sudan and the SBR began on April 15 last year. The reason for the clashes was the issue of integration of the SBR into the structure of the army.

The fighting that began in the capital soon covered other units of the country. The Sudan government called on the international community to declare the SBR “terrorist grouping”.

The bloodshed does not stop contrary to agreements on the ceasefire and international pressure on the conflicting parties.

According to the UN, the world’s largest crisis of population movement and hunger is observed in Sudan. As a result of the armed conflict, more than 16 thousand people were killed, about 8.7 million people were forced to leave their homes and more than 25 million people need humanitarian assistance.