Under Ministry of Medical Sciences and Education, new agencies are created

At the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, 3 state agencies are being created, the head of the department Emin Amrullaev said at a briefing.

According to him, the agencies will begin their activities in January.

Amrullaev also said that since April, preschool educational institutions have been transferred to the balance of the Ministry of Science and Education. For the first time, admission to these institutions is carried out in electronic form.

The minister noted that the training load of 273 teachers is less than 6 hours a week. If these teachers have not passed certification, then their wages are 134 manat.

“In the future, a weekly teaching load should be normalized to increase their salary,” the minister said.

Amrullaev also said that 58 percent of school directors receive a salary allowance. The monthly salary of school managers with the number of students up to 2500 people is 2500 manat. In subsequent years, the certification process will be associated with hiring directors.