Unisef warned about risk of death of babies in Gaza hospital

Life of more than 20 newborn babies in the hospital “Martyrs al-Aksa” in the gas sector are threatened due to a lack of fuel for the full functioning of the medical institution. This is stated in the statement of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

“Due to the impossibility of regular fuel supply to the Aksa hospital in the city of Deir El-Belah, oxygen generators will be disconnected, and the lives of more than 20 newborn babies will be in danger”.

The organization noted that the supply of fuel to exclav is still at an extremely low level.

The statement emphasizes the need for urgent expansion of the volume of fuel imported into gas and the formation of safe corridors for its delivery. UNICEF warned that this would ensure the opportunity to fulfill the humanitarian missions to the employees of their duties.

According to the Administration of the “Martyrs of Al-Aksa”, the provision of medical services in the hospital is suspended due to a lack of fuel in the hospital. The leadership of the hospital emphasized that relations with the current situation are about 1,200 patients and the wounded are under threat of death.