United Kingdom, Norway, Montenegro, Latvia also call on their citizens to leave Ukraine

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry recommended its citizens to leave the territory of Ukraine due to the “unpredictable” situation in the country. This was reported in the press service of the department.

Made does not recommend any trips to Ukraine and calls for Norwegian citizens to leave this country, “- reported on the Ministry website.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro recommended its citizens to leave the territory of Ukraine. This is stated in the statement of the ministry published on Friday.

“Due to the growing tension and unpredictable security situation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites Chernogorsk citizens who are located in Ukraine, consider departure from the territory of this country,” the report says.

Mission Montenegro calls on its citizens to be “in constant contact” with the Embassy of Montenegro in Kiev.

Great Britain called on their citizens to immediately leave Ukraine.

“Britain also exports the staff of the embassy from Kiev, it will not be able to provide consular assistance,” the Foreign Ministry reported.

Foreign Ministry of Latvia also recommended that with its citizens leave Ukraine.

Premier Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison, US President Joe Biden, Foreign Policy of Japan and South Korea, and the authorities of the Netherlands and Israel.