United States accused UN Secretary General of concessions to Russian threats

The United States accused the UN Secretary General Antoniu Gutherrish of “yielding to Russian threats” and did not send officials to Ukraine to verify the drones used by Russia, who, according to Washington, were delivered by Iran. This was reported on Tuesday, December 20, “Voice of America.”

Russia denies that its armed forces use Iranian drones in Ukraine, and claims that representatives of the UN have no mandate for a trip to Kyiv to investigate the origin of drones. Tehran previously admitted that he put the drones to Moscow, but explained that they were allegedly sent before Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Great Britain, France, Germany, the USA and Ukraine insist that the supply of Iranian drones to Russia is violating the resolution of the 2015 UN Security Council. These countries want Gutherrish to send representatives of the UN to Kyiv to investigate.

“We regret that the UN did not take any action to conduct a normal investigation of this message about the violation,” the US representative at the UN.


And the US Department of Ministers to the UN Robert Wood pointed out that “… the UN Secretariat, clearly succumbing to the threats of Russia, did not fulfill the mandate for the investigation that gave him the Council of Ministers.”

Earlier, in the report of the Council of Council, Gutherrish said that the UN officials are studying the existing information, and any conclusions will be reported in the prescribed manner.