United States announced a complete failure of Russian MiG-35

Generation Fighter 4 ++ MiG-35 (Fulcrum-F), which was supposed to ensure the necessary power (VKS) of the necessary power, and the country-the possibility of earnings in its export, turned out to be a complete failure, said the columnist of the American publication 19Fortyfive Brent Eastwood.

The observer writes that earlier the MiG-35 tried to buy Argentina, Bangladesh and Malaysia, which they did not have enough funds: “The Malaysians had MiG-29, but they could not get spare parts from Russia, and keep them in the air expensive . MiG-35 are considered too expensive and difficult to maintain for the armed forces of Malaysia. MiG-35 also has no combat experience, as this is a relatively new aircraft. “

“Potential customers should be concerned about the cost of servicing the aircraft without easily accessible spare parts. Another problem for the future MiG-35 is the appearance of the Su-57 and Su-75-stealth fighters that may surpass the MiG-35. Thus, in a moment, in a moment -35 Ahead is a difficult future – it is not ready either for internal use or for the export market, ”concludes Eastwood.