United States discuss with Kazakhstan new ways for oil export bypassing Russia

American companies and the authorities of Kazakhstan are developing alternative ways of Kazakhstani oil, taking into account sanctions against Russia. This was announced by US Ambassador to Astana Daniel Rosenblum, reports KazTAG.

“The largest companies in the United States are the main partners in the issue of energy and these companies also played a large role in the development of the oil refinery, energy in Kazakhstan. It is now important to make sure that, despite the situation in the world and problems with the KTK pipeline (Caspian pipeline consortium – Ed.), All resources will be able to reach the west, ”he said.

According to him, the solution may be the development of alternative routes for the supply of oil.

“One of the main things that we are now following is oil and resources from Russia and as part of the sanction, so that the export of Kazakhstan reaches the right addressee, this is a great coordination work between European countries, the USA and Kazakhstan. And this is the key of resolution. Problems will be alternative ways to transport resources from Kazakhstan, this issue is very acute now, ”said the diplomat.

Daniel Rosenblum recalled the agreements according to which Kazakhstani oil will be transported through Azerbaijan since the beginning of 2023. Earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan from January 2023 plans to start shipping 1.5 million tons of oil per year at the Baku -Tbilisi -Jaykhan oil pipeline.