United States encouraged to continue investigation into origin of COVID-19

US President Joe Bayden renewed calls for a more complete investigation of the COVID-19.

“We need to figure it out, and we need a completely transparent process by China. We need help WHO in this matter,” said Onend Slavitt head of the head of the White House for Coronavirus, leads Financial Times.

Slavitt spoke after the Wall Street Journal reported with reference to the US intelligence report that three employees of the Chinese Institute of Virology in Uhani, where in December 2019 the first case of Coronavirus was recorded, in November of the same year they felt so strong The ailments that were forced to contact the hospital.

The representative of the White House noted that the investigation conducted at the beginning of this year by the World Health Organization did not give sufficient explanations of how the disease was first propagated among people.

The WHO Team, who visited Wuhan in March, together with Chinese experts came to the conclusion that the virus was most likely handed over to a person from the bats through another animal and his laboratory leak “extremely unlikely”. However, not all scientists satisfied these conclusions. WHO CEO Tedros Adhan Gebresus recognized them not enough, noting that international experts faced difficulties in accessing “unprocessed data” from China, notes ft.

Foreign Ministry of China In response to the request WSJ About comments Noted: “The United States continues to inflate the noise around the theory of laboratory leaks. Is Washington really concerned about the source of the disease, or is it an attempt to distract attention?”