United States has banned supply of MiG-29 to Ukraine because of China

The United States did not allow Poland to put the Soviet MiG-29 Soviet aircraft in March this year as part of a backstage agreement with China, says the British Spectator magazine with reference to sources in the highest echelons of the political and military leadership of China.

The publication notes that the main priority for Beijing since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was to avoid the confrontation of Moscow with NATO, in particular, to prevent nuclear escalation. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in early February informed his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping about plans to conduct a limited special operation, three days after the invasion, on February 27, ordered Russia to bring Russia’s nuclear forces to the “increased combat readiness” mode. According to sources, Putin recklessly in the eyes of the Chinese played the most dangerous map and did it at the very beginning of the conflict. These days, Poland was discussing the transfer of 26-33 MiG-29 fighters, which she went from Germany for a symbolic 1 euro. In Beijing, they regarded such a step as direct involvement of NATO in conflict.

In Washington, they positively related to the military assistance of Poland, but on March 8, the Pentagon’s position changed dramatically and the American military officials considered Warsaw’s proposal to be “insolvent”. According to Spectator sources, this happened after the backstage agreement of Beijing and Washington with the participation of European leaders – the United States will ban the supply of aircraft to Kyiv, and Chinese generals will do everything possible through contacts with the General Staff of Russia to neutralize Putin’s nuclear threat. “

it worked, ”said the Chinese source. After that, the United States, although they provided military assistance to Ukraine, did it extremely carefully. Not least in Washington took into account the concern of Beijing. NATO is still refraining from the supply of attack aircraft, helicopters, tanks, as well as large -range missiles and cruise missile systems. China, in turn, refused the military support of Russia, forcing Putin to buy drones from Iran and process household appliances to extract computer chips.