United States has imposed new sanctions against Iran

The United States has introduced new sanctions against Iran related to the export of oil products to China. The restrictions concern international companies that contribute to the export of oil products from the country to East Asia, Interfax reports.

the State Department determined 15 individuals and legal entities that are associated with illegal sales and supplies of Iranian oil products. The list included the Vietnamese company Truong Phat Loc Shipping Trade, Singapore Everwin Ship Management and Iranian Zagros Tarabaran-E Arya, as well as Star Oil Co. and East Ocean Rashin Shipping.

The Ministry of Finance also imposed sanctions against eight legal and two individuals who are in Iran, Hong Kong and the UAE. The Iranian company Jam PetroChemical, Hong Kong Lustro Industry Ltd. and those in the UAE EDGAR Commercial Solutions Fze, Ali Almutawa Petroleum, PetroChemical Tradeing and Petrokick.

Sanctions that freeze any assets of individuals or legal entities in the American financial system and forbid people from the United States to deal with them, began to act against companies in Iran, Vietnam, Singapore, the UAE and Hong Kong.