United States has “military versions” to contain Iran

USA has a large number of “military options” to hold Iran, the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Armed Forces, General Kenneth McCenzi, in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the United States has a “very powerful set of military options.”

He noted that Iran seriously underestimates the United States, if he believes that he can continue the offensive in Iraq and Syria, and at the same time still negotiate on a nuclear agreement without any consequences.

“We have the ability to quickly, very quickly increase, if it is necessary. And I think that this fact understands Iran well,” McCneti said.

Mackenzie stressed that it was the diplomacy that the very first and best “way to respond to the development of weapons Iran.

“I want to understand me: Our intention and intention consist in being led by everyone’s diplomacy. This is the best way to move forward, and Iran just need to realize,” added the general.