United States is not sure of “price ceiling” for Russian oil

The United States considers the mitigation of the conditions of the maximum price mechanism for Russian oil, as they fear a sharp increase in prices in world markets. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to sources.

Previously, the White House considered marginal prices along the lower border of oil profitability for Russia within $ 40-60 per barrel. However, now officials admit that the “ceiling” will be higher.

Washington is afraid of a sharp deterioration in the situation in world markets. It can change after the introduction of the “price ceiling” for oil from Russia. For the United States, oil prices are fraught with new public discontent within the country: the high price of energy resources accelerates inflation, and the topic of gas prices in America has become one of the most important in anticipation of the intermediate November elections in Congress.

At the same time, the White House doubts the effectiveness of the “price ceiling” due to the small number of countries that are ready to join the restrictions. So far, countries G7, the European Union, Australia and South Korea agreed with Russian oil sanctions.

However, key buyers of Russian oil – India, China and Turkey will definitely not join the restrictive mechanism.

“The White House adheres to an effective and strong restriction of prices for Russian oil in coordination with the” large seven “and other partners. This is the most effective way to provide oil access to the market at lower prices, and this will greatly hit Putin’s income for financing of his war, ”said Edrienn Watson, spokeswoman for the National Security Council of the White House.