United States will continue to support gas export from Azerbaijan to Europe

The United States will continue to support the transportation of natural gas mined in the Caspian to Europe and will help Azerbaijan in this matter, said Laura Lokhman, deputy assistant to the US Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy. It is reported by “Interfax-Azerbaijan.”

“The United States intends to develop cooperation with Azerbaijan. President Joe Biden supports gas exports from the Caspian to Europe,” Lokhman said on Friday to Baku at the ninth ministerial meeting as part of the consulting council on the southern gas corridor (South Coast) and the first ministerial meeting in the first minister The Consultative Council of Green Energy.

According to her, the Southern Gas Corridor (infrastructure for the supply of Azerbaijani gas to Europe – IF) “is a very important project for Europe, and Azerbaijan plays a leading role in ensuring the energy security of the continent.” “However, the YUKG plays an important role in strengthening not only the energy, but also the political security of Europe. This project creates opportunities for cooperation of many countries, the use of which ensures economic growth. The United States will continue to maintain the transportation of natural gas mined to the Caspian. And they will help Azerbaijan, ”Lokhman emphasized.

She also noted that the United States, given the environmental situation in the world, can invest in green energy in Azerbaijan and its export.

Azerbaijan since December 31, 2020 began export of gas to Europe. In 2021, supply volumes amounted to 8.2 billion cubic meters, in 2022 – 11.4 billion cubic meters. Currently, the EU buyers of Azerbaijani gas are Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. At the same time, a number of European countries have expressed interest in buying Azerbaijani gas and currently negotiations are underway in this direction.