United States will not protect: Japan was called to create nuclear weapons

The United States is inferior to Russia and China in the field of atomic weapons and will not be able to stand up for Japan, so Tokyo needs to have its own “nuclear umbrella”. The observer of Esiaki Yano wrote about this in his article for JB Press.

The author announced the “growing threat” from Russia, China and North Korea. He emphasized that nuclear weapons are the highest containing level. In his opinion, all protection will begin to crumble if at other levels one of the parties yields to the enemy.

“Even if the country possessing nuclear potential begins to lose in the conflict with the use of ordinary forces, it may not allow escalation or force the enemy to play by its rules due to nuclear threats,” he said.

The journalist pointed to the destructive power of atomic weapons and announced the need for “minimal deterrence” to cause crushing damage to any enemy. According to him, Japan has technical and financial capabilities to create nuclear weapons as soon as possible, but the authorities refuse to do this due to the guarantees of the United States.

Yano believes that Washington should allow Tokyo to acquire a nuclear arsenal so as not to allow the Japanese side to become a “vassal” of the PRC and not deprive himself of hegemony in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.