Unlikely in near future: Biden about Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Ukraine is unlikely to come to NATO soon, President Joe Biden said. According to him, this requires a number of conditions for this.

“We have a number of international agreements that European countries can join us. But the likelihood that Ukraine will join NATO in the near future, not too big,” said Biden, whose words leads RBC.

According to him, this is due to the fact that Ukraine should be held great work on democracy. In addition, the question of its immediate inclusion should be decided on the vote, the head of the White House.

Against the background of Western media reports on the possible “invasion of Russia to Ukraine and the USA and their allies on NATO in the Black Sea, Moscow sent Washington’s proposals for security guarantees. The Kremlin demands the independence of the Alliance to the East, including the refusal of the adoption of the former republics of the USSR. Among them, Ukraine and Georgia resembles RBC. From January 9 to January 13, Russia held three rounds of negotiations on this issue with the United States, NATO and the OSCE. However, the parties could not agree on non-exposure due to the fact that the requirement contradicts the principles of the alliance.