Urumchi: protests after deadly fire. Ankara requires clarification among Chinese authorities

Foreign Ministry of Turkey requested explanations from the Chinese authorities in connection with the death of people during a fire in Urumchi, the center of the Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region Urumchi.

Anadolu reports that the Turkish Foreign Ministry expresses condolences to the family and friends in connection with this incident. The agency’s statement says: “We expect the public to be informed about the cause of the fire.”

The agency’s dipstyers note that “explanations about the causes of the fire are requested from the Chinese authorities.”

Radio Azattyk the day before reported that in Urumchi, protests were held against quarantine restrictions related to Covid-19. In messengers and social networks, videos of protests were distributed, which, according to the statements, were shot on Friday, November 25. On one of the records, a crowd of protesters tries to break through the cordon dressed in protective specialcubinzones and masks.

According to the British Financial Times, the protests began after a fire in a multi -storey building, in which at least 10 people were killed. The social networks say that the restrictions introduced by the coronavirus prevented firefighters and rescuers to get to the place of emergency.

“People could not get out because the doors were closed. The firefighters’ equipment could not drive up due to the drivers of drivers, because people leave cars at the houses during quarantine, they themselves are in apartments,” said Radio Azattyk Yerbol Dauletbek, The head of the Atazhirt Yeriktleri Public Association, which protects the rights of Kazakhs in Xinjiang and maintains a connection with them.

Officials in China, the Xinhua agency reported, refuted the claims about the fire and said that part of the photographs of the locked door on the Internet was a fake.

outrage in social networks about the incident in Urumchi reflects a wide disappointment with measures to prevent pandemia in China, which largely restrained the spread of the virus in the country for almost three years, writes Financial Times.

In China, in recent days, record numbers are recorded by the number of coronavirus Dissatisfaction is growing in society. On Saturday, a little less than 32 thousand new cases of infection were registered in China; The flashes are recorded in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chuncin.

Earlier in November, protests took place at the iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, which completely closed. Video riots in the industrial city of Guangzhou are distributed in social networks, where the authorities closed entire areas for quarantine.