US Ambassador of Georgia is accused of coordination of revolutionary scenario

The actions of the US ambassador to Georgia Kelly Dena, “strengthen the faith of people that the radical agenda of the radical [internal] opposition is coordinated by the US Embassy,” the state of the ruling party “Georgian Dream” said in a statement by the former deputies of the ruling party ” who left the party in June – Dmitry Khundadze, Mikhail Kavelashvili and Sozar Subari, reports “News – Georgia”.

According to them, the US Embassy “tried to bring a single national movement to power.” “The implementation of the revolutionary scenario began three years ago. Everyone remembers well how the Embassy [USA] forced the government [Georgia] to free Ugulav and Opeashvili [opposition leaders] from prison, as well as change the electoral system in favor of a single national movement and its satellites. US Embassy. In Georgia, it did not hope that they would draw Georgia into the war under the Government of the Georgian Dream, and “therefore the embassy persistently tried to bring a single national movement to power before and after the parliamentary elections,” the statement said.

The members of the “Power of the People” movement emphasized that their statement was made not in order to “discredit” the US embassy or “avenge” it, but because the “threat of riots and war facing Georgia has not yet been completely eliminated” .