US Ambassador to Armenia announced its priorities in Russia

Last Wednesday, the current US Ambassador to Armenia Lynn Tracy, a candidate for the post of US Ambassador to Russia, nominated by President Joe Bayden, promised to make its priority to the liberation of the Americans detained in Russia, if it was approved for one of the most important and complex posts in the US diplomatic hierarchy. It is reported by the Voice of America.

“The plight of US citizens detained in Russia will be the main priority for me,” said Tracy during the hearing on her approval by the Senate Committee on International Relations.

Tracy promised to visit the Americans detained in Russia, including Briton Britnin Griner and Wilwan Marine Corps.

Biden announced his intention to appoint Lynn Tracy as an ambassador to Russia in September, a few weeks after the departure of John Sullivan, who was appointed by the former President Donald Trump and remained in the position at the moment when the Russian invasion of Ukraine plunged Americao -Russian relations to a depth, unprecedented since the Cold War.