US Ambassador turned to Africa countries: do not buy anything from Russia except grain

The US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Grinfield, making a tour of Africa countries, warned them against buying something from Russia except grain and fertilizers, threatening with secondary sanctions. Her statements are given by the Russian BBC service.

“Russia has a narrative that food sanctions and agricultural products have led to an increase in prices that countries experience. … I want to say that we have no sanctions to any agricultural products from Russia. Russia can export its agricultural products, And other countries can buy them, including fertilizers and wheat, ”said the ambassador to Kigali, the capital of Uganda.

“And as for those sanctions against Russia that we have, – continued Linda Thomas -Grinfield, for example, for oil, then if some country decides to interact with Russia in the area where sanctions are operating, then Then they violate these sanctions, and in some cases also sanctions of the UN. And we warn countries that sanctions should not be violated. “

BBC notes that the countries of Africa for the most part prefer not to stand unequivocally to the side of Ukraine in the war with Russia. This is usually explained by distrust of the West generated by the colonial past, as well as the sympathies of elites in many African countries that studied in Russia.