US announced best way to hold back Iran

The USA hopes that Tehran will demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions during the final stage of negotiations on the resumption of US participation in a joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD). As the Voice of America reports with reference to the official representative of the State Department of Ned Price, an agreement providing for the restriction of the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for relieving sanctions, this is “the best way to restrain the nuclear ambitions of Tehran.”

“If the Iranians showed the seriousness of intentions from the first days of this process, we would be able to achieve a mutual return to compliance with the conditions of the SVPD in a relatively short time,” he added.

Also, according to him, the SVPD still remains “the most effective means of holding back … Iranian nuclear program.” This statement is not a “speculative experiment”, but a fact proven in practice, he added.