US can confiscate Iranian Avirgano plane in Argentina

A request for the arrest of the Venezuelan freight aircraft of Emtrasur, located in Argentina, was reported by the Ministry of Justice of the United States Buenos Aires. This is stated in the message of the American department.

According to the agency, the Venezuelan company Emtrasur received a Boeing 747-300M cargo plane from the Iranian organization Mahan Air bypassing American sanctions. In 2008, the US Department of Trade banned the Iranian airline participation in any transactions with any goods exported from the United States, but, as follows from the case file, the Venezuelan company Emtrasur allowed the re -export of aircraft between Karakas, Venezuela, Tehran, Iran, Russia, Russia , without the permission of the US government. ” The US Ministry of Justice indicated that the plane made in the United States should be confiscated “in connection with violation of American laws on export control, which concerns the unauthorized transfer of the Mahan Air aircraft.”

In June 2022, the Argentinean court forbade the country to leave the crew of the Venezuelan Aircraft Emtrasur, consisting of five Iranian citizens and 14 Venezuela citizens. The crew commander was identified as the ex-commissioned officer of the Iranian Corps of the Islamic Revolution (Ksir) guards, which in the United States is considered a terrorist organization. According to the results of the meeting, August 1, it was allowed to leave Argentina to 12 crew members – Iranz and 11 Venezuens.