US can introduce visa restrictions for Georgia

The United States introduce a policy of visa restrictions on Georgia in response to the adoption of the “Law on Transparency of Foreign Infant.” This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

According to him, restrictions will affect persons who are responsible for “undermining democracy in Georgia or are accomplices in this undermining”, as well as members of their families.

“In response to these actions, the State Department introduces a new policy of visa restrictions for Georgia, which will be applied to persons responsible for undermining democracy in Georgia, or accomplices of this undermining, as well as members of their families,” the Blinds said in a statement .

According to the statement, this includes persons who are responsible for “suppressing civil society and freedom of peaceful assembly in Georgia through a campaign of violence or intimidation”.

“Anyone who undermines democratic processes or institutions in Georgia, including in anticipation, during and after the elections in Georgia in October 2024, may not be appropriate to have the right to receive American visas in accordance with this policy and Deprived of the possibility of entry to the United States, ”the head of American diplomacy said.