US: ex-adviser of Pentagon, who served interests of Armenia

American Analyst, Researcher of the American Institute of Entrepreneurship, the former adviser to Pentagon Michael Rubin, known as Yellow Rubarmyansky, as well as the anti-Samabayage and Antitarying lobbyist accused of bribery, using official interests in personal interests and complicity in unleashing war.

Recall, Rubin urged to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan, accused the United States in the inaction during the war in Karabakh and extending the suspension of the 907-amendment. He convinced the American authorities not to sell Turkey fighters F-16, and Ilona mask to abandon the launch of Turksat Turkish satellite, as he supposedly “has a military purpose.”

It is clear that Ruby is not at all for free, Armenian interests are strictly disabled. The US media appeared publications, including about corruption schemes in which the current analyst of the US foreign military research was also participating. Back in 2006, Michael Ruby was engaged in the distribution of advertising articles, which were preparing on the order of the Pentagon and were published in various media, reports The New York Times. The publication wrote that through the ruby ​​the money was going to Iraqi newspapers for the fact that they respond positively about American soldiers.

Another story about Michael Rubina is connected with Saudi Arabia and the money, which he received from millionaires from this country. It is reported that the round sum of Rubin began to accuse organizations such as Civils Rights See and Amnesty International. And these accusations were complete nonsense.

Rubin’s fraudster is considered not only in the US, but also in Somalia. In 2019, he was suddenly interested in the region and wrote a number of articles in support of the unrecognized state of Somaliland.

According to American media, Rubin is the very person who, with the help of disinformation and false information, prompted the United States to penetrate Iraq, and constantly misinterpreted letters of the Iranian authorities in favor of its interests in this country.

When Rubina did not succeed in achieving his hiking games, he openly called for violence. Thus, the ex-adviser Pentagon directly asked the physical destruction of the Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He later demanded a complete extermination of Hamas and all of her members, shocking many of the fact that the analyst of the American Institute of Entrepreneurship and a former Pentagon Employee formulates his thoughts, as if not a particularly smart guy from New York Proszzzun.

Now Ruby serves the interests of different countries, including Armenia. It is not afraid to use abnormative vocabulary for its purposes and is still trying to draw the United States into problematic situations in the Middle East, in Africa, Asia and the South Caucasus.