US General warns of an ambulance with China

The head of the Air Air transfer, General of the US Air Force, Mike Minikhan predicts the beginning of the US and China war because of Taiwan in 2025.

The general told about this in letters to his subordinates. The authenticity of letters was confirmed by the representative of the command.

“I hope I am mistaken. Intuition tells me that the battle will be in 2025,” the letter from which NBC quotes.


According to the general, China can take advantage of the presidential elections in the USA and Taiwan in 2024 to conduct an operation to establish control over the island.

The command of the American Air Force recognized that he sent a note to Minihan with such a content of his subordinates, but indicated that the general’s instructions were based on the efforts of the US Air Force on the preparation of the Armed Forces “for the future conflict, if the deterrence fails.” The Pentagon emphasized: “Such statements do not reflect the point of view of the ministry on China.”