US intelligence services are on verge of using AI as an instrument against objectionable countries – Naryshkin

The director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence (SVR) of Russia Sergey Naryshkin announced the plans of US intelligence services to use artificial intelligence technologies (AI) as a tool against objectionable countries.

“US intelligence services are on the verge of using artificial intelligence technologies as a tool for manipulating public consciousness in those countries that are objectionable. This can become a very serious problem, I would say, for all of mankind,” says Naryshkin, whose words are given by Russian media.

He noted that “in recent years, the CIA has ordered about 150 projects in the field of artificial intelligence, and the volume of capital costs is very large.”

“We do not set ourselves the tasks that our colleagues from the CIA often solve. We do not set the tasks of subversive activities against other states,” Naryshkin said.

According to him, the activities of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service are aimed at strengthening international stability and security, while the CIA operations sometimes had a “very unzilized nature.”

“, in my opinion, the fundamental difference is the fact that the central intelligence department is not in the full sense of the intelligence organization. It was created to conduct secret operations,” said the director of the SVR.