US intelligence: virologists in Uhana were hard to pandemic

at least three scientists of the Wuhan Institute of Virology were very pain in November 2019, the Wall Street Journal newspaper reported with reference to US intelligence data.

According to the newspaper, they were treated in the hospital. The publication, along with this notes that the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to the symptoms of influenza.

According to the newspaper, new data can “add weights” to calls for a more large-scale investigation of the origin of the coronavirus. The publication believes that this information may be “extremely important,” since the members of the same team, who worked with Coronavirus, simultaneously hit the hospital with the same symptoms shortly before the pandemic, writes “Kommersant”.

The US Administration refused to comment on this information, but reported that it requires investigating all possible theories of the COVID-19.

In turn, China’s Foreign Ministry announced that “the United States continues to unwind the theory of leakage from the laboratory.” The agency does not exclude that Washington is trying to “distract attention.”