US: Iranian was found guilty of exporting military technologies

The Board of Jury of the Eastern District of Texas recognized a citizen of Iran Mehrdad Ansari guilty of involvement in obtaining and exporting components from the United States, which, among other things, had a military assignment. This was reported on Friday on his website the US Department of Justice, writes TASS.

According to information, 39-year-old Ansari, who owns the transport company Gulf Gate Sea Cargo LLC, provided assistance in transportation ordered by his accomplices in 63 American component companies. In addition to civilian purposes, they could be used in nuclear weapons, rocket guidance systems, radio domain devices. At the same time, trying to purchase more than 105 thousand details from 2007 to 2011 to 2011, the criminals did not notify American suppliers of plans to send the ordered goods to Iran and did not receive the necessary license to export these components.

The sentencing of Ansari is scheduled for September 1, he faces up to 20 years for violation of trade regulations with Iran, up to five years for electronic fraud, the same period for attempting fraud against the US Department of Finance and for five years for each episode of the giving false Indications.